Christmas Break 2013 Pt. 1

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  Christnas break was great this year, did a little pre-season trip down to Sugarloaf and Sundayriver with Stefan, Jeff and the family.  Didn’t get a lot of pics but some good times were had with the boys in Sundayriver.  More blog posts to come eventually haha.  This one was for Mark Macdonald, Merry Christmas [...]

Beach Volleyball Season!

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Beach Volleyball Season! Just learning how to play. Tons of fun. Big shout out to my Uncle Mark for taking me under his wing. After two hours of playing music the car battery in ze Audi finally died… But one of the chefs at The Holiday Inn was nice enough to help us out! Jeff, [...]

Drive Home From Whistler 2013

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One fine day in Whistler, late April, Sam Locke and I happened to be enjoying a sleepover at my house. He had already decided he was moving back to Halifax, with his flight booked for the following Wednesday. When we woke up from a relaxing sleep I pitched the idea of us hopping in my [...]